Why Us

Why Us?

We offer an ideal mix of skills, attitude and delivery orientation. We understand your requirements and orient ourselves with your goals this, combined with our current experience in working with companies of varied sizes and commercial intent, provides us with a good combination for an HR Consulting option, especially since these arrangements require a solid understanding of each others working style, trust in the each others skills and attitude and most importantly tried and tested communication.

While we understand the issues related to an organization's view point, we also understand the needs of people who require change in their professional lives. Both combined, make us the ideal option to understand your needs and match them with the requirements of those who may choose to work with you.


  •         Updated internal data bank of approx 200000 CV’s.
  •         PAN India experience of multiple industries like FMCG, IT, Telecom etc across.
  •         Closed top management position of leading Telecom operators & FMCG.
  •         Our recruiters are experienced HR professionals.
  •         Catering to 38 clients as on date.
  •         Hit on ratio is 70%